Why Is Vinyl Better Than Digital Music?

It’s a timeless question that has been debated over and over. One that has never been resolved. You may wonder why because it depends on subjective factors such as musical taste and personal preference.

To help clarify this discussion, here are some objective considerations you can use to approach this issue. Let’s get started.

How Does Vinyl Work?

Understanding Vinyl’s manufacturing process is crucial to understand its operation.

  • The conversion of digital music to vinyl records is the first step. Sound engineers do this in a recording studio to achieve the best sound quality.
  • These digital files are fed to a file or a lacquer-cutting lathe. A sapphire needle or ruby-tipped nipper then creates the grooves on the disc, which are waveforms.
  • Next, the master disc is sprayed with a silver solution and fully submerged in tin salts. Through an electroplating procedure, the tin bonds to the silver.
  • Once the tin layer is removed, manufacturers remove the lacquer. This results in a stamped positive image of the master CD. This is repeated twice for each side.
  • The stampers for records pressing are then taken.

Buying Records is an Experience

The act of buying records is magical. It’s an experience that is lost in the next generation. It’s the experience where you can spend hours looking for music.

You are willing to gamble and will give money for albums you don’t know they are worth. You get to know people by asking their opinions, gaining their suggestions, and eventually becoming friends.

Vinyl Sounds Better

Most music broadcasts are in a lossy format. Details often need to be recovered, and the overall quality of the music is reduced. This is because audio files become compressed to be small enough to store thousands on your phone or stream them online. It doesn’t matter whether you listen on any platform or prefer MP3s. You won’t see the full song. Vinyl is much more.

You Can Make Money

An MP3 purchased on iTunes does not constitute ownership. You license it. But, Vinyl? This is an entirely different story. Because Vinyl has an unbeatable value, it is easy to collect, resell, and keep, as well as a price increase. You are not simply buying an album. You’re making a long-term investment that you can sell later on or pass on to your family. It’s easier to use apps and websites than you might think.

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