How Does A Brodix Cylinder Head Make A Car Run Faster?

For the best price, go elsewhere. Brodix isn’t afraid to admit that its products don’t come cheap. Brodix is certain that its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and cutting-edge capabilities will result in the highest-quality intake manifolds (cylinder heads), and aluminum blocks available. Brodix heads ability to sell parts is not an issue, as we last checked. Brodix is a veteran racer who has won races in everything, including sprint cars, drag racing, circle track, tractor-pull, late model dirt, and grass-level drag. It’s interesting and fascinating science, to put it mildly. Let’s have your total attention, gentlemen.

Installation of a CNC

Many people use the term “CNC-ported”, but they don’t think about the actual process. The quality and repeatability of reproducing a port accurately depend on how much effort is put into setting it up. Humans must shape the first set, so CNC porting is only as good and accurate as the programmer who created it. Even a competent programmer needs to run at least four sets of test heads before they can get the program right. Once that is done, the quality of your machine depends on how fast it runs. While slower speeds allow for better flow and tighter stops, it can also result in lower productivity and a decrease in profit margin. However, you can make the CNC machine run so fast that the tool will bend and the port accuracy is reduced. It’s all a compromise.

Virgin Aluminum

Big flow numbers are essential for serious power. However, the head casting must be durable in order to make that power reliably. Brodix extensively uses virgin Aluminium in its castings. This is made from manganese, strontium, and copper. The recipe has been perfected over the past 30+ years. The purer the base materials and ingredients are, the more you will pay. Castings made from virgin ingots are more durable and will withstand cracking, repairs, and other damage. It is possible to alter the formula according to your needs. In rare cases, you may run into bad batches of ingots and need to replace them.

Port Shape

Brodix favors oval ports wherever possible in order to strike the right balance between airflow efficiency and cross-sectional surface. An oval-port design is used in almost all of our head designs. Rectangular ports offer no performance benefits. An oval port maintains a uniform shape throughout the head, from the port opening to the bowl. This helps maintain airflow constant which in turn improves velocity. Additionally, oval ports do not have corners where fuel can get stuck, unlike rectangular ports.

Repair Facility

Brodix provides the best cylinder head repair service in the industry. Brodix has the right service for everyone, no matter what kind of cylinder heads are in need.

Aluminum Blocks

The engine block design is different from cylinder heads. Instead of focusing on power, which is where the engine blocks are designed, it’s more about strength. The tolerances must be precise and provide stability for the mains as well as the cylinder sleeves. This covers the location of the crank relative to the cam, as well as the roundness and location of the cylinder walls.